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Lil Tanks is a side-scrolling shooter with RPG elements that puts you in control of a prototype tank -- defending humanity from the alien scourge known as the Cuur. As Earth's last hope, you must upgrade your tank with unique power-ups and blast the aliens back to where they came from! Level up by destroying the Cuur and earn powerful permanent upgrades. Unlock multiple tanks by completing objectives and finishing the campaign. The survival of the human race rests in your hands!



- Travel the globe to seek out and destroy the invaders! Avoid environmental hazards and prepare for epic boss battles along the way!
- Don't want to head into battle alone? Battle The Cuur with another player piloting your indestructible companion!
- Fight your way through 4 different gameplay modes: Campaign, Hardcore, Endless and Boss Training.
- Earn XP for every enemy you defeat. Unlock permanent upgrades to shielding and firepower as you level up.
- In addition to your tank's upgrades, be on the lookout for powerups dropped by enemies. Unleash a flurry of missiles, a burst of flames or electrify your enemies with the lightning gun!
- Compete against other players in Endless mode and see how your score stacks up!
- An original soundtrack from Kelly Warner! His original music has been featured on MTV, Comedy Central, the CW Network, NBC, BTN and ESPN.