Lil Tanks Achievements Stats

When achievements were first introduced in 2005 by Xbox, I found them to be an interesting way to add some more gameplay in the way of completing additional challenges.  Apparently I was not alone because in just two years time nearly every gaming platform with the exception of Nintendo began incorporating them into their games.  Valve added Achievements to Steam in 2007, Sony added “Trophies” to PlayStation in 2008 and Apple and Android followed suit soon there after.

Anyone that’s played games regularly can attest to the fact that the degree of difficulty in unlocking these achievements can vary enormously.  Some titles allow you to unlock nearly every single one by just playing through the game as you normally would.  Some have the player go through incredibly difficult (borderline ridiculous) obstacles to acquire them.  Some titles decide to be secretive and give the player little to no clue what the Achievements even are.

With Lil Tanks we decided to land somewhere in the middle.  You can unlock the majority of the achievements in a normal play through but we added a handful that might take a bit of extra time to unlock as well as a few secret ones.  According to Steam’s Global Gameplay Stats, every Lil Tanks achievement has been unlocked at least once.  “You Never Forget Your First” (Unlock Your First Hardcore Mod) leads the way with 61.0% players earning this achievement.  On the opposite end the most challenging achievement thus far has been “Like A Boss” (Defeat every Boss in Boss Training Mode).

One that grabbed our eye was the 2.4% of players that have unlocked the Achievement “War Hero” which is earned by completing the campaign.  We have received comments regarding the difficulty of the game ranging from “too easy” to “the final boss is impossible” so we were curious to see what percentage of players had made it all the way till the end.

If you’re interested in seeing the list from Steam, check it out here.  If you have any ideas on achievements you’d like to see in future updates, let us know!

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