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Co-founded by Andrew Pungprakearti and Anthony Meschi in 2014, Lead Money Games is a humble development studio located in the Bay Area (Rohnert Park, California). Lil Tanks is the duo's premier title -- evolving from a tower defense game for mobile to an action-packed desktop side-scroller. Available now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux!

While the two have always loved the world of film and animation, developing their own games offered them opportunity the visual effects industry could not. The long hours demanded by visual effects studios can make for some very long days away from home and family. With Andrew being the father of two children and Anthony with a toddler of his own, the two were searching for a way to spend more time with the people that matter most. Working from home and being able to work their own schedules was very appealing to the two artists. Not only would they have the opportunity to work a flexible schedule, but they would also work on projects with full creative control - something their previous profession rarely afforded them. They would now possess the freedom to create whatever projects they desired, to create the kind of games they loved playing growing up.



Andrew is a self taught game developer that was previously a digital effects artist. He was worked on over thirty-five motion pictures including How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, Rise of the Guardians and G-Force. He loves Street Fighter and his main is Gen, with Dhalsim at a close second character.

Currently Playing - World of Warcraft (PC), XCOM 2 (PC), The Banner Saga (PC), Magic Touch (Mobile), Sky Force (Mobile)



Anthony has worked in visual effects for the past ten years but is eager to take his passion for gaming and use it to develop games of his own. He's a huge fan of the World Series Champion Houston Astros, Batman and Nintendo 64.

Currently Playing - The Last of Us (PS3), Mega Man X Collection (Switch), Yooka-Laylee (PC)